Stark mansion in Minecraft ?

In Survival Mode, a Minecraft expert has created a replica of Tony Stark’s oceanside home from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans of Robert Downey Jr's silver-screen portrayal of billionaire weapons dealer-turned-superhero Tony Stark will recognize his massive penthouse from the three stand-alone Iron Man films, as it served as his home and base of operations as he set out to redeem himself as the titular armored Avenger. Aldrich Killian's AIM forces destroyed the mansion in a sneak attack in Iron Man 3 2013. However, Tony was able find a new place to live in for the rest of his time in MCU.

Minecraft players can now create interesting replicas of iconic MCU locations using the game's creative sandbox. A Minecraft fan made a huge Doc Ock statue in anticipation of Alfred Molina's return in Spider-Man: No Way Home in December. This is not even mentioning the short collaboration Minecraft and Marvel had in 2013 for an Avengers-themed Minecraft DLC Pack. It allowed players to dress up their avatars as heroes such as Captain America or the Hulk.

Reddit user SapphireCrafty posted some screenshots of the replica of Tony Stark’s Malibu home from the MCU. This large, waterside home was built in Minecraft's Survival Mode. They faithfully recreated every aspect of Tony Stark’s estate. Even the lighting is working at night to illuminate the mansion. SapphireCrafty's work has been appreciated by other players, although some joke about the mansion’s fate in Iron Man 3.

For Minecrafters looking to improve their building skills, Marvel movies are not the only inspiration. There have been blocks of the iconic Echo-1 from Ghostbusters and the dangerous Glass Bridge from Squid Game. Minecraft players have recreated the training hall in The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword, and the Great Fox in Star Fox. One player built a gigantic model GameBoy to play the introduction to Pokemon Yellow, while another recreated the appearance and movesets of Valorant’s Jett in Minecraft.

SapphireCrafty's Minecraft model depicting Tony Stark's MCU waterside retreat is perfect. It captures the Stark mansion’s circular design with a high level of detail. This mansion should come with some Stark-designed Iron Drones to protect against any exploding Creepers. Otherwise, Tony Stark might have to rebuild all his Iron Man suits.