New blocks coming to Minecraft

Mojang has returned to updating Minecraft's beta The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta update is a modest one and introduces a few new features as well as bug fixes. However, the most noteworthy feature of the beta is the addition three Froglight blocks. These are only available to players who use frogs.

Froglight blocks are available in pearlescent, verdant and ochre colors and emit light that is the same color. Anyone who does not spawn the blocks in will have a difficult time actually getting them. Froglight blocks, like their name, are made by frogs. The players will have to guide a frog towards a Magma Cube that the frog will then consume and spawn a Froglight Block.

You can now play Minecraft Froglight Blocks! GameSpot News

It is difficult to get the two entities closer together. Magma Cubes can only spawn in The Nether. This means that it will take some time to get a frog out of its swamp and into the Hellish biome. Small Magma Cubes can also be spawned from larger Magma Cubes, which adds another step to the process.

Minecraft's new beta also adds Froglight blocks and visible damage to Iron Golems, Blast Furnaces, and Smokers giving players XP. Below is a complete list of all the changes made by the beta.


  • Now, frogs and tadpoles have their own sounds
  • Frog panic speed is appropriate now
  • The panic goal is now available to Tadpoles

Frog Egg

  • Glow Lichen cannot be added to top of Frog Egg


  • New Froglight blocks (Pearlescent Verdant Ochre and Verdant Ochre) have been added.
  • The Froglight Blocks emit light
  • You can lure a Frog to a Magma Cube to get the blocks. A Magma Cube will be eaten by the Frog and a Froglight will drop. Every Frog variant will result in a different Froglight blocks to drop