How to get sea lanterns

Inecraft is a game that allows players to explore, build and discover anything in an infinite sandbox environment. Minecraft offers a wide range of items to fit its infinite sandbox nature. Some items can be used to enhance and decorate players' structures and builds, such as the Totem of Undying.

The most commonly used blocks for building are decoration blocks. Blocks like brick, terracotta and prismarine can make a building look elegant and professional. Some blocks can also be used as light sources. These blocks can be used to decorate or illuminate certain parts of a structure. The sea lantern is one example of such a block.

Sea lanterns, beautiful underwater light sources, spawn in underwater structures such as ocean monuments or underwater ruins.

They emit the bluish, ghostly level 15 light which is the brightest level of the game and can be used to help players navigate Minecraft's oceans.

Redstone lamps, glowstone and lanterns are all examples of blocks that can produce light levels above 15: redstone lamps, redstone lamps, glowstones, lanterns, beacons shroomlights, conduits, and jack o’lanterns.

How to get it

The "Silk Touch", enchantment that can be applied to sea lanterns, allows the player to pick them up with a pickaxe. The block will drop 2-3 prismarine crystals if it is broken with anything other than a pickaxe that has silk touch. Players can increase the number prismarine crystals that are dropped from the block by using the "Fortune", enchantment.


You can make sea lanterns on a Minecraft crafting bench. Two resources are required: prismarine shards, and prismarine crystals. These are the ingredients:

5 Prismarine crystals

4 Prismarine shards

Sea lanterns are not only useful for lighting up the sea, but they can also be used to perform a variety of other tasks. Here are some examples:

Conduit power

Sea lanterns can be used by players to activate a conduit. You can build a structure around the conduit. This will enable the conduit to emit "Conduit Power", within a defined radius.

The "Conduit Power", effect gives any player within its range three underwater status effects: Water Breathing (Night Vision), Haste, and Haste. You can also use prismarine bricks, dark prismarine and prismarine to perform this function.

Note Blocks

Sea lanterns emit the "Clicks and Sticks” sound when placed under noteblocks.

Transparent block

Sea lanterns are transparent blocks that block sunlight. Players and mobs can become suffocated inside them. It also blocks the beam from a Beacon, preventing it from activating. It does not block chests opening and it is infeasible for slimes or monsters to spawn on it. It does not transmit redstone signals.