Change your Minecraft Game Mode


Change your Minecraft Game Mode

Are you new to Minecraft. You've probably noticed the unique blocky landscape makes it seem empty when you explore it. You've probably seen Minecraft players play with creepers and animal mobs.

So where are they?

They are definitely there. But you aren't. You're playing Minecraft in the wrong mode. Here's how you can change your Minecraft game mode and switch between Survival mode and Creative mode.

The Minecraft Game Modes

There are three main modes of Minecraft, with two less popular ones:

Creative- Survival
- Spectator
- Hardcore

We'll be examining the three main Minecraft game modes in detail and how to switch between them. We will also show you how to switch to Minecraft's Spectator or Hardcore modes.

What is Minecraft Creative Mode?

Creative is the most well-known Minecraft game mode. This allows you to build your world using unlimited resources. This mode has no experience counter, health bar, hunger bar or experience bar. You can fly around your world without any restrictions.

You can kill mobs but they cannot resist; you won't take any damage and you cannot die in Creative.

What is Minecraft Survival Mode?

Survival mode allows you to search for resources, mine and craft. You can also build, but only what you have mined is available.

You need to monitor your health and hunger bars to ensure you survive. Avoid hostile mobs, as they can cause damage and even death.

The Minecraft Adventure Mode

This is a less popular option for Minecraft. It's used primarily to create worlds for other players. The map cannot be changed beyond a certain point and blocks cannot easily be destroyed by hand.

Instead, they are mined only with a suitable item that has the pre-determined CanDestroy tag. Building is also only possible if the block has the CanPlaceOn tag. Adventure mode is similar to Survival.

How to Change the Game Mode in Minecraft

It is easy to switch between the three main game modes of Minecraft. The similarities between Minecraft on mobile, desktop, or consoles means that the following steps should work across all devices (with some exceptions).

Before you start, make sure your Minecraft version is up-to-date.

How to switch to creative mode

You'll find the Creative mode in Minecraft when you launch it.

Click Play > Create New > Make a New World. Click the drop-down menu and choose Creative.

You can also switch to Creative Mode in Minecraft by using the /gamemode command

You can also send a faster command:

Switch to Survival Mode in Minecraft

You'll find Survival mode when you create a new game. Click Play > Create New > Make a New World > Creative.

Use the command to switch to Survival mode in Minecraft

You can also use:

How to switch to Minecraft's Adventure Mode

Minecraft doesn't offer Adventure mode as a setup option. Once your game is running, you will need to manually switch to Adventure Mode. You might have created a detailed world for friends to explore.

Adventure mode allows you to limit what they can accomplish; to prevent the world from being destroyed before the goal is achieved, switch over to Adventure mode

Alternativ, you can use the shorter version:

A Note about Minecraft Game Mode Commands

Modern Minecraft versions all support the /gamemode command. Older Minecraft games don't.

If you're playing Minecraft on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, or Wii U then the following will apply:

Command is not available. These devices do not support Adventure mode. Switching modes can also only be done using standard controller commands.

How to switch between Hardcore and Spectator Modes

Minecraft Java Edition offers two additional game modes to go along with the three standard ones.


This mode is the most difficult, as you only have one life. Once you have been selected, there is no way to change to a friendlier Minecraft mode. You cannot also switch to Hardcore mode.

In the Create New World screen, select Game Mode: Hardcore to create a Minecraft game. You will not be able to use Allow Cheats or Bonus Chest, and the world will be deleted after death.


This allows you to fly around a Minecraft world and take in the scenery. Although you cannot integrate with mobs or objects, you can still move through solid objects.

You can access Spectator mode by using

You can also die in Hardcore mode. You can also switch to Spectator mode by pressing F3 +N from Creative.

You can also use a keyboard command:

What about Minecraft Multiplayer Mode?

Minecraft can be played in multiplayer mode depending on the device. This includes game-to-game multiplayer and local split screen. Multiplayer is possible for most of the above game modes.

This allows you to create a Minecraft world and invite other players. This is a great advantage because any device can host a multiplayer Minecraft session.

A dedicated server is definitely an advantage, especially for larger groups. However, a multiplayer game can be hosted anywhere from an Android phone to an Android desktop computer.

You can set up a Minecraft server on almost any device. It could be a computer, or something as inexpensive as a Raspberry pi (how to setup a Minecraft server on Raspberry pi).

Create a Minecraft world and make it visible to LAN players for a simple multiplayer Minecraft game. You can then connect with other players and play alongside them.

Minecraft's Creative and Survival Modes

You should now be able to tell the difference between Minecraft game modes and how you can switch between them. You can switch between the Minecraft game modes by using a command, keyboard shortcut or menu option.

Full screen mode is another Minecraft mode that you should be aware of. To view Minecraft in fullscreen mode, click F11 to expand your desktop version.

Want to learn more about Minecraft? Check out our Minecraft commands cheatsheet for keyboard shortcuts that will streamline your game sessions.