Best minecraft servers for beginners

PvP in Minecraft can sometimes be extremely competitive. Hotkeys, aim training and potions are all things players spend hours learning. All this training will not work if players don't practice against real opponents.

There are thousands upon thousands of Minecraft servers. Each server has its own gameplay and player base. Some servers are specifically designed for survival and PvP, while others are well-known for their economy.

Players need to be cautious when choosing a server as it can take hours to collect resources for battles. Some servers allow players the ability to enter PvP matchmaking immediately after they spawn. Players can also get a PvP Kit by using commands on servers.

These servers are lag-free and best suited to PvP in Minecraft.

Top 5 Minecraft servers to practice

These are some Minecraft servers players can join:

#5 - Purple Prison IP address:

Purple Prison is a PvP server that allows you to practice PvP. After spawning, players can begin PvP battles. Players can get a free PvP Kit after joining the server. To access the PvP kit, users must press T or type / on their keyboard. Once they hit the enter button, they'll instantly get a PvP Kit.

Every day, Purple Prison is home to hundreds of players. The server has its own mini-games and in-game currency. Purple Prison supports Minecraft 1.8.x,1.9.x,1.10.x,1.11.x,1.12.x,1.13.x,1.14.x, and 1.15.x version and is always up and running.

#4 - PvP IP:

PvP land is one of the most popular PvP practice servers. PvP Land is used by hundreds of players every day to improve their PvP skills. This server is well-known for its bot fights and Bedwars.

PvP Land allows players the opportunity to battle powerful, skilled bots. These bots are great for practicing PvP fighting. These bots should not be underestimated in PvP.

Gamers can also adjust the skill stats for bots to suit their needs. They can also adjust their skill stats to improve their PvP skills at their desired speed.

#3 - Lunar Network IP:

Lunar Network is a well-known Minecraft PvP practice server. It is known for its unique gameplay and special features. The server also comes with a game client that can be used to enhance the PvP experience.

Lunar Network offers a game client that allows players to download PvP mods for frame enhancements and other PvP modifications. Users can also improve their battle skills and play in PvP tournaments against other players.

#2 - IP: PvPWars

PvPWars allows players to be spawned at random locations with an entire set of iron tools, armor, and other weapons. PvP is enabled by default and does not require spawn protection.

This server allows players to test their survival skills and PvP abilities simultaneously. You can also join factions and wars.

#1 - Hypixel IP :

Hypixel's unique game modes and mini games are always included in any list of top servers. Since its inception, it has been enjoyed by many players for seven years.

This is the most active and popular Minecraft community. The majority of mini-games on Hypixel focus on PvP battles. You can play in games such as bedwars, skywars and UHCs to improve your PvP skills against the best Minecraft players around.

These are the best Minecraft servers that players can join to practice the game.